A question of #resilience

This pic of a bird perched on a barb wire teetering on the edge was how I felt like last week. My footing was uncomfortable and I felt quite alone at work for the first time since I started my business.

It's not always rainbows and sunshine when you run a business. There are moments where you are in challenging situations and your first thought is questioning how you ended up in this situation.

My resilience has faltered a bit recently and you know what, it's ok. It's ok to feel down and out as long as you pull yourself up at the end of it.

How did I do that? I took this week to take stock of my week last week and re-group. It helped. I've gotten over the emotional response and formulated a more rational one. I've spoken to friends about the issues I faced and they've helped me see the light. The best piece of advice I got from my bestie was that if it was easy to run a business, everyone would be doing it. Learn from the bumps and put measures in place to avoid them moving forwards. They will inevitably crop up in the future, but I've got to condition myself to handle it more rationally.

In the spirit of sharing to help others, I'd love to know what bumps have tested your resilience and how you overcame them?

#challenges #moveforwards

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