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Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Who is your customer? How do you understand your customers needs? How do you know what’s going to attract them to you? How do you know what’s going to make them to pick up that phone or send that message to engage with you?  These are all the questions I’ve had to ask myself, analyse and research over the past few weeks. 

Today, with 9 days to go before we launch, I find it difficult to really pinpoint a solid answer. I’ve attended lots of amazing free networking & marketing events that have been helping me to focus on finding the answers to these questions. But I’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t really know, until you get out there. 

As a female running this business, I have my own style of communicating, my specific love of interiors and finishes and a clear idea of who I would like to attract through my marketing campaigns but who knows if it will reach the intended audience until I see who engages?

I’m naturally an introverted person. If the occasion arises where we might meet one day, perhaps you wouldn’t say that about me. I don't actively go out of my way to say hi to new people and I'm usually the most awkward person in the room at networking events. In my previous role as an HR Director, over the years, I had to condition myself to be an extrovert because my work required that of me. I have had to put myself forward in front of crowds and make speeches, communicate with employees of an organisation, challenge CEOs and CFOs on issues that I felt were important. My position meant that employees were relying on me to express their views to the management & vice versa. Over time I got really good at it. I managed to get people to see my perspective. To actively listen to my voice. To actively seek my counsel.

And now, I find myself in an entirely different situation. This time, I’m not representing a group of people who have grown to know me, understand my perspective and thought process over a period of years. I’m representing myself & my Company. I don’t have the luxury of being able to build relationships with people over a period of time, before I can get them to actively engage. I now have moments, sometimes only seconds to get my potential customers to reach out and make contact. I can't be that awkward human in the corner of the room anymore, not wanting to engage. I have to take that sign off my forehead and actively talk to people. Arrghhh. The realisation!

I've gone down the route of thinking about what kind of consumer I am as part of this process. Which kinds of posts attract me? Which websites do I enjoy visiting? Whose posts do I like to read? And then analysing all the why's behind this. I've been trying to be super conscious about what catches my eye and makes me want to engage with a company. It's been an interesting process. Being conscious is something I realise I don't do enough (that's a side note but a learning).

So my conclusion is that I just have to be true to myself but push a new introvert boundary (I've done that several times in my life and love that fact that I always get to test it further). I will attract people with my content, views and posts and then they will either connect or they won’t. And the ones that do connect, I'll actively and happily engage with. It's a mindset thing. And then they will hopefully tell their friends how great we are and that will help me build the customer base I hope for. I’m not convinced about any kind of hard sell to get customers. I’m not a salesperson by any stretch of the imagination. It takes just one customer to start the ball rolling after all. One customer. One review. One recommendation. | Follow us @ancorarenovate on LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram

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