From Human Resources to Construction

Let me tell you that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Did I think I’d be running a building contracting company a year ago? Hell no. Did I think I’d be soaking up bags of knowledge everyday about this industry? Nope. Did I think that I’d be in a job that I could love more than the one I had? Never.

I truly truly love what my team and I are creating. I get to be involved in design, review and result and it’s literally the best job in the world. It’s really hard work, don’t get me wrong, but I have this drive to make it successful beyond my dreams.

I’ve had so many people help me on my journey in such a short space of time and without them, a lot of what I’m achieving today would not be possible. I count my blessings everyday for them and for the fact that I can do what I love and build something I’m super proud of.

Our outhouse project which we completed in June, went from dream to reality and I cannot wait to create more spaces that build hope for a better future for the people that use them.

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