Supporting small businesses

This massive learning curve I’m on at the moment is both exhilarating and humbling. I find myself having a new found appreciation for small businesses. The struggle they go through everyday to compete with the big guys is tough. Yes the big guys were small at some point, but that’s not the point of this post.

“Small fish in a big pond” is a saying i find myself referring to often. How do we show that we are capable? How do we show that our service can compete with theirs? I’m getting the opportunity to meet some amazing small business owners through this journey and am consciously choosing to make an effort to support them. Paying it forward in my own way. Whether it be to like their post, follow their page, leave a comment or recommend their service/product. I know that each action I take, helps that business grow a little bit.

I know that every time I get a like or a comment or a follow on my social media pages, it makes my day. Like literally, I run around the house with delight at another interaction. I’m sad I know lol.

So, as you sip your tea or coffee, flick through social media on your commute to or from work, I invite you to think about your local small businesses that might need your like, comment or follow. It’s a small action that can seriously boost a small business.

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