What will make the boat go faster

I heard about this book from a networking friend and it's centred around how the UK olympic rowing team achieved their gold medal and particularly how they trained themselves to achieve it. However, the simple question of what will make the boat go faster struck me. Quite profoundly actually.

I sometimes get completely overwhelmed with work and that's because most of the time many tasks actually require full brain power and aren't tasks that you can do in 5 minutes. That's life as a start up where you have to manage multiple functions.

And let me tell you, you can be the best organiser and prioritiser (not sure that's even a word but hey) but then you start your own business and half that just flies out of the window lol.

But, the title of this book made me look at my to do list and question what would make my boat go faster. And in that one instant, I had a much clearer focus for my day. So I've started each day since asking the same question.

I often get blown away by the power of words and I'm thankful to the many friends and peers who influence me positively everyday.

Have you read a post or listened to a podcast recently that has struck a chord with you?

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