The faces behind the COMPANY

Ishtar Ali, Founder Ancora Renovate Manchester

Ishtar Ali


Welcome everyone! I'm responsible for leading this wonderful group of humans at Ancora Renovate.

My love of interior design and property renovations started a few years ago and I've been working on some projects part time ever since. However, a change in personal circumstances led me to a "leap of faith" moment and I decided that I'd put all my years of corporate experience into creating a business of my own. This job allows me to bring a smile to a stranger, work with an awesome team and be creative everyday - I'm literally living the dream! And I know that my current studies in Interior Design will add a different dimension to our customer offering.

I'm passionate about what we do, and the service we offer and I'm confident that you will get a unique experience when you choose to work with us. #lovewhatyoudo


Abdul Khan

Technical Project Manager

Hello, Abdul here, I'm responsible for ensuring all our projects run smoothly and to plan from a technical perspective. 

I've been in the building trade full time for the last five years and project managing worksites for the last two years. I grew up learning the business from my dad and used to help out on jobs as a teenager.

Before moving full time into building & renovations, I had customer service related jobs. I know that my professional and practical work experience has benefited me greatly in my work today. My job isn't just about doing a job, it's about how we do a job. The experience and service. I love what I do. I'm so fortunate to wake up everyday and do something I thoroughly enjoy with people who are awesome. 


Fahad Ajmal

Architect and Interior Design Consultant

Hi there, I'm the resident architect! I have over 12 years of architectural experience in both commercial and residential properties and really enjoy the design and planning process.

I'm skilled in the major design softwares and outside of work I'm just a big instagram geek. I find inspiration for my work in nature, buildings and the shapes of our world. I would love to show you the potential of your space through my drawings.  

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